Truckers from northern Chile began a strike

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The mobilization of a part of the truckers is carried out for security reasons on the country's routes and due to the rise in gasoline prices

< p>Truckers from northern Chile Chile began a strike


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Truckers from the north of Chile started a strike

Truckers from Paine on Route 5 at kilometer 41, in central Chile (Photo Twitter: @_felipecofre)

A group of truckers from ChileThey have initiated an indefinite strike that has not been without criticism and controversy.

The mobilization has been carried out at the request of the Fuerza del Norte Transporters Union Confederation, which covers the territories from Arica to Paine, that is, from the north to the central area of ​​the country.

Unemployment is indefinite >and it is held in protest against the rise in fuel prices and an “uncontrolled and unpunished increase in assaults, robberies, looting of transported loads, with a high risk to the life and integrity of the drivers.”

The president of this confederation, Cristian Sandoval, said that on November 3 they approached the government, from where they asked for time to prepare the responses to the petition. However, “time ran out yesterday, that's why we are mobilizing”.

Since midnight this Monday, the call for a stoppage has been activated, which has led to mobilizations in northern Chile, in cities such as Arica or Iquique. In the latter town, protesters blocked traffic on a track in the concessioned connection of Route 16.

In Coquimbo, in central Chile, there were several concentrations during the early hours of the morning. In the Metropolitan region, the truckers' strike was centralized at kilometer 41 of Ruta 5 Sur with more than 100 trucks on the road, according to BioBioChile.


The mobilization of truckers has not been to everyone's taste. According to, the National Confederation of Truck Owners (CNDC) and the Freight Transport Trade Union Federations did not join this strike and declared that the call is “absolutely irresponsible”.

“The present is not the least appropriate moment to initiate forceful actions. The serious economic difficulties that the country is going through, added to the union's problems, are more than enough reasons to rule out a strike,” the entity highlighted.

The president of the National Confederation of Cargo Transport (CNTC), Sergio Pérez, said that although they are not participating in this strike, “this is a problem that the government has to solve.”

At noon As of this Monday, the leaders of cargo and passenger transport ruled out, for the moment, joining this mobilization after a meeting they held with the Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel.

“They They are complaining about the issue of the weekly oil price hike, and the issue of violence, security, therefore, is what we are also demanding and trying to get the government to comply with. In July we raised this same request, but today we happily believe that the minister has taken responsibility for this serious problem”, Pérez said after the meeting.

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