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Tried to smuggle in a bra: a woman was caught smuggling Nintendo Switch games

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun16,2024

Trying to smuggle in a bra: woman caught smuggling Nintendo Switch games

A woman in a bra tried to smuggle 350 Nintendo Switch games/screenshot from the video

A nervous woman with a large bust was stopped at an airport in China. This happened after officials became suspicious.

They searched her and found that she had allegedly tried to smuggle 350 Nintendo Switch games out of the country by stuffing them in her bra. As Tom's Hardware writes on June 14 and reports to Yahoo, a woman who was trying to leave Hong Kong and enter China through Liangtan Port, was stopped by customs officials after they noticed that she was behaving strangely, nervous and had odd-shaped breasts during a routine traveler inspection.

She was taken to a private area where officials reportedly found her trying to smuggle in over 300 Switch cartridges in her bra, which likely explains her strange behavior and the strange shape of her breasts.

Officials confiscated 350 Nintendo Switch cartridges from a woman's bra. All the games are estimated to cost about 70,000 yuan or about 9,660 US dollars.

In China, Article 7 of the People's Republic of China Customs Administrative Penalty Enforcement Regulations prohibits people from evading payment customs payments by “concealing, disguising, concealing declarations, false declarations or in other ways, transporting, transporting or forwarding goods that are prohibited or restricted for import or export by the state”. As in most countries, importing goods without paying the necessary taxes is illegal and considered smuggling.

As Tom's Hardware points out, assuming the Switch cartridges aren't considered “restricted” by China, a woman suspected of smuggling games in a bra is unlikely to go to jail. Instead, she can be fined for an amount that “does not exceed three times the amount of duty that is payable, but which she evaded”.

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