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Tricked the system: A photographer submitted a real photo to an AI image contest

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

Cheating the system: photographer submits real photo to AI image contest

Contest Photo/Facebook/Miles Astray

Photographer Miles Astray submitted a real-life photo to the AI ​​Image Contest. Surprisingly, the man won the competition.

However, after it was revealed that Astray did not use AI to create the work, he was disqualified. This is reported by ArtNews.

A curious situation occurred at the 1839 Awards, which was launched last year as a way to “honour photography as an art form”. Its jury consists of experienced judges who, in particular, work with photographs at The New York Times, Christie's and Getty Images.

The rules of the competition provided for artificial intelligence images to be separated into a separate category so that separate generative AI from “those who use the camera as an artistic medium”.

For the non-AI categories, the 1839 Awards rules state that they “reserve the right to require proof that the image was not created by artificial intelligence, as well as proof of ownership of the original files “. However, the organizers of the award did not require any relevant evidence that the works in the AI ​​category were created by artificial intelligence.

This was taken advantage of by photographer Miles Astray, who submitted his photo “F L A M I ​​N G O N E”to this category, where she was shortlisted and then placed third among a host of other non-photographer entries. The photo also won the People's Choice Award in the Artificial Intelligence category after Astray publicly campaigned his followers on social media to vote for it.

With the rapid transformation of the digital landscape thanks to AI-generated content and an increasingly heated debate about its implications for future content and creators – from artists, journalists, graphic designers to workers across industries – I submitted this real-life photo to the AI ​​category at the 1839 Awards Awards to prove that content created by man has not lost its relevance, that nature and its human interpreters can defeat the “machine”, and that creativity and emotions are more than just a series of numbers, Astray wrote .

Astrey's photo was removed from the contest website after review.

Each category has clear criteria that participants must follow, contest organizers PetaPixel said. – His submission did not meet the requirements for the AI-generated image category. We understand that this was part of the plan, but we do not want to deprive other artists of the opportunity to win in the AI ​​category.

Cheating the system: photographer submits real photo to AI image contest

1839 Awards

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