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Trial of Marc-André Grenon&nbsp ;: the judge gives his instructions

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Marc-André Grenon is accused of the premeditated murder of Guylaine Potvin.

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The trial of Marc-André Grenon resumed Tuesday morning at the Chicoutimi courthouse. The man is accused of the murder of Guylaine Potvin, a 19-year-old young woman, killed in Jonquière on April 28, 2000.

Judge François Huot began the day by giving his preliminary instructions to the 14 jurors who were chosen on Monday, eight men and six women.

We are 15 judges, 14 of facts and one of law in this case, me, recalled the judge.

François Huot explained to the jurors that the task facing them will be to determine the fate of Marc-André Grenon. He told them that they should rely solely on the evidence presented in the courtroom to make their decision. The judge also explained to them how the next few weeks would unfold.

All members of the jury were instructed not to discuss the case with anybody. They must also avoid finding out about the ongoing trial in the media or elsewhere.

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Relatives of Guylaine Potvin, present in the room, could not hold back their tears when the judge specified that Marc-André Grenon was facing two charges, namely first degree murder and that of sexual assault.

François Huot insisted that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The prosecutor for criminal and penal prosecutions, Pierre-Alexandre Bernard, plans to call 11 witnesses over the coming weeks, the first should be called to the stand during the day. This trial is expected to last five weeks.

More details to come…

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