Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

The trial of the doctor accused of murder in Hawkesbury should begin ;but in June 2024

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Dr Brian Nadler, is accused of first degree murder in connection with one of the suspicious deaths at Hawkesbury General Hospital on Thursday.


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The trial of Brian Nadler, the doctor accused of killing four people at Hawkesbury General Hospital, is expected to begin in June.

Dr. Nadler was initially charged with first-degree murder in March 2021 following the death of 89-year-old Albert Poidinger at Hawkesbury General Hospital.

Police then filed three more first-degree murder charges against him in the deaths of Claire Brière, 80, Lorraine Lalande, 79, and Judith Lungulescu, 93.

An Ontario assistant Crown attorney told Radio-Canada in an email Tuesday that Dr. Nadler's trial is expected to begin June 3 in Ottawa and continue until July.

Court documents allege that Mr. Poidinger was killed on March 25, 2021, and that the other three people died on or around that date. The documents indicate that Ms. Brière, Ms. Lalande and Ms. Lungulescu also died in Hawkesbury, in eastern Ontario.

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Mr. Nadler's lawyers proclaimed the innocence of their client and claimed that his patients had died of COVID-19.

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