Trends 2021 | The 10 most anticipated vehicles

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

Audi e-tron GT

The brand’s chief stylist with the intertwined rings, Marc Lichte, is not the exuberant type. Still, his enthusiasm is infectious when he approaches the RS e-tron GT, his latest creation. “Of my career, the most beautiful car I have designed”, he says of this sedan which is based on the technical architecture of a Porsche Taycan. According to the first information leaked by the German brand, the e-tron GT will have two engines and should produce 598 horsepower, and more than 700 in its RS configuration.

Ford Bronco

PHOTO PROVIDED BY FORD Ford Bronco Even more than the recently marketed Bronco Sport, it is especially the two and four-door Broncos that off-road enthusiasts have come to expect. A modern reinterpretation of a Ford classic, the two- and four-door Broncos set out to become the new benchmark SUVs capable of handling just about anything. We can bet that in the eyes of its customers, it is when they are dirty and smeared with mud that they will be the most beautiful.

Honda Civic

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

PHOTO PROVIDED BY HONDA Honda Civic Prototype The Civic is once again putting its title of best-selling car in Canada on the line this year. For now, the 11th generation of this Japanese compact has so far been presented in the guise of a style study (our photo), but it is more or less the exact copy of the final version. On the technical level, Honda does not let go, except (known air) that it will be more powerful and more sober than its predecessor. Marketing is scheduled for early summer.

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

PHOTO PROVIDED BY HYUNDAI Hyundai SantaCruz Crossover TruckConceptjeep Arguably the least well-kept secret in the industry. Unveiled as a concept at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015, this midsize pickup finally gets the green light from the management of the South Korean manufacturer. Assembled in the United States, the Santa Cruz will be based on a monocoque chassis derived from the future Santa FE and will offer similar characteristics (power, torque, towing capacity) to those of the Honda Ridgeline, its main competitor.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

PHOTO FCA US LLC, SUPPLIED BY FCA GROUP Jee Grand Wagoneer Concept The Grand Wagoneer is to Jeep what the Bronco is to Ford. A classic. More than the resurrection of this model, the most interesting aspect will be its positioning in the market. Indeed, Jeep does not hide that the price charged for certain versions will exceed $ 100,000. The Grand Wagoneer cannot invoke the existence of aristocratic roots, and its deliberately understated design does not add much new; but it has a significant reservoir of growth in the United States.

Mazda MX-30

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

PHOTO PROVIDED BY MAZDA Mazda MX-30 The Japanese brand’s first electric vehicle, will the MX-30 be the new entry ticket into the all-electric world? One can think so, insofar as this Mazda will take the bet to offer a modest autonomy (approximately 200 km), “but sufficient”, hasten to add the designers of this model which intends to preserve the dynamic qualities specific to the brand. To reassure the anxious, Mazda will offer a “range extender” in the form of a rotary engine housed in the base of the trunk.

Mitsubishi outlander

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

PHOTO PROVIDED BY MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi Outlander Pandemic forces, Mitsubishi had no other choice but to postpone the release date of the fourth generation of the Outlander. Now part of the alliance formed with Renault and Nissan, Mitsubishi benefits here from the technologies of its partners in the development of this model which, until now, has only been presented in the form of a prototype. The final version and its main features will be unveiled in a few days, but we already know that the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of this new version will not be offered until next year. In the meantime, we will have to deal with the old model.

Nissan ariya

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

PHOTO PROVIDED BY NISSAN Nissan Ariya With the arrival of the Ariya, the Leaf will feel less lonely in Nissan dealer showrooms. The Japanese brand’s first four-wheel-drive electric utility, the Ariya is designed on a brand-new technical architecture called CMF-EV. This will house one or two motors (depending on the drive mode chosen by the buyer). According to preliminary data, it will offer a range that can vary between 321 and 482 kilometers.

Volkswagen ID.4

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

PHOTO PROVIDED BY VOLKSWAGEN Volkswagen ID.4 Volkswagen has high hopes for the ID.4, a utility vehicle, to achieve its goals and become the new leader in the electric transition. To be convinced, the German manufacturer estimates that the ID.4 should represent a third of its sales of electric vehicles by 2025. In Canada, the ID. 4 2021 will offer two drive modes: propulsion or integral. According to data from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the verified range of this Volkswagen is 402 km.

Toyota Sienna

Trends 2021 |  The 10 most anticipated vehicles

PHOTO PROVIDED BY TOYOTA Toyota Sienna Hybrid powertrain, all-wheel drive, easy access and space to spare. With all these attributes, does the Sienna have a chance to rehabilitate the van? One thing is certain, this new version multiplies the signs of allegiance to these utilities which sell like hot cakes. It abandons its functional curves for bevelled and oblong shapes, gives up its road behavior close to a bus for a sharper “road feel”.

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