Treasures of impoverished Gaza are just under your feet

Treasures of impoverished Gaza are just under your feet

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 The treasures of an impoverished Gaza are just under your feet

Due to the rapid growth of the population of Gaza, which in 15 years increased from 1.4 million to 2.3 million people, as well as the destruction caused by the incessant Arab Israeli conflict, there is a great urgent need for housing construction.

In January, while digging a foundation pit at a major construction site, a Roman necropolis, dating from around the first century AD, was discovered, part of the rich, albeit underdeveloped, archaeological treasures of the impoverished Palestinian territory.

to identify about 40 tombs dating back to the ancient Roman period between the first and second centuries of our era. said French archaeologist René Elter, who led the team sent to Jabalia.

While an impressive amount of ancient treasures are constantly reported in the Jewish State, in Gaza this heritage is largely neglected and tourism at archaeological sites is limited.

“However, there is no difference between what can be found in Gaza and Israel. It's such a great story. In Gaza, many monuments have disappeared due to conflict and construction, but this area is a huge archaeological site, — Elter said.

A fence has been erected around the Roman necropolis, and is under constant guard as new buildings are built nearby.

“We're trying to fight the antiquities trade,” — said Jamal Abu Rida, director of the local archaeological service tasked with guarding the necropolis and hoping to find investors for further excavations.

stoppage of work. As a result, Gaza is losing archaeological sites every day.

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