Travis Scott responsible for a violent altercation in a nightclub? The rapper is under investigation

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Travis Scott responsible for a violent altercation in a nightclub? The rapper is targeted ; by investigation

Travis Scott allegedly punched a sound engineer at a recent concert. The rapper would also have destroyed equipment on the spot.

Normally, it is the Kardashian-Jenner clan that makes the buzz on the web. This time, it is the companion of Kylie Jenner who is making the headlines of all the media. The reason ? The rapper reportedly got into a violent fight with an employee of a nightclub. This Wednesday, March 1, Travis Scott was at the renowned club Nebula in New York. That evening, Don Toliver was performing on stage and invited the rapper to the delight of his fans.

At three o'clock in the morning, the Nebula club reportedly informed the police that a violent argument had broken out within the establishment. A sound engineer has indeed accused the rapper of having punched him in the face. The companion of Kylie Jenner would first have violently insulted the employee of this nightclub. That evening, the star also reportedly damaged a speaker and a screen worth a total of $12,000. Travis Scott would then have quickly left the establishment. For the moment, we do not know the reasons for this violent altercation.

Altercation with Travis Scott: an investigation has been opened

That evening, the rapper and Don Toliver set the stage on fire. During the night, the American magazine TMZ received many videos. One of them showed a very agitated Travis Scott with someone who was at the level of the DJ table. We can also see him pushing this person at the level of the torso before yelling: “Get out of here”. Kylie Jenner's companion would then have taken control of the turntables. The rapper was reportedly pissed that his music volume was turned down. Club manager Nebula also said: “Everything was going well. Suddenly, it got so big.” For the moment, the rapper has not spoken about this case. The police therefore decided to open an investigation in order to understand what really happened that evening.