Travel: Legault can’t wait any longer for Trudeau

Travel: Legault can’t wait any longer for Trudeau

François Legault is fed up with Justin Trudeau’s slowness to further control travelers on their arrival in the country to limit the spread of coronavirus variants, and is worried about access to vaccine doses.

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“With each passing day, there is an added risk. There is an urgent need to act, ”said the Prime Minister on Tuesday at a press briefing.

“Mr. Trudeau tells us that he still wants standards in CHSLDs […], It will be better to take care of travelers aliens and doses for vaccines. ” François Legault, Premier of Quebec

“It’s catastrophic when this variant arrives with travelers from abroad. It’s an exponential spread, ”he said.

Several variants have appeared in other countries: Great Britain, South Africa and Brazil.

They are either more contagious or more deadly. Their arrival in Quebec would be “catastrophic” and Mr. Legault fears an “exponential spread”.

Faced with this significant risk, he has repeatedly affirmed “not to understand” the ambivalence of Justin Trudeau, and “re-asks him” to ban non-essential international travel or, for lack of a better solution, to force travelers who arrive in the country to do a mandatory quarantine in a supervised hotel, at their own expense.

Experts share his concern. “It is too important as a stake, we do not want to close our economy and start again in complete containment,” says Roxane Borgès Da Silva, professor at the school of public health in Montreal.

The arrival of these variants must be delayed as much as possible, the time to vaccinate the population, she adds.

“Soon” measures?

In the morning, Justin Trudeau said that new traveler screening measures would soon be announced, without revealing more.

However, he said he feared the impact of the ban on international flights on deliveries of food and medicine.

In addition to passengers, many commercial aircraft carry cargo in their holds.

But Quebec pawns with impatience. Last week, Mr. Legault said that if Ottawa did not budge, Quebec would. Since then, the SQ has reached an agreement with Ottawa to enforce the mandatory quarantine since last Friday. Can they do more?

The Dr Horacio Arruda indicated that he would have to “consult his lawyers” to see if the Public health law of Quebec would allow him to force travelers to quarantine in hotel rooms.

But Quebec’s leeway to impose it is weak, believes constitutional expert Patrick Taillon, since this jurisdiction falls under federal jurisdiction.

Access to vaccine doses

Another problem on the radar: access to vaccine doses. Justin Trudeau tried to be reassuring, but European attempts to control exports of vaccines produced in Europe worry François Legault.

Quebec’s vaccine machine will be ready, added the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé: the Palais des congrès de Montréal and the Center de foires de Quebec are reserved, and the province will be able to vaccinate more than 200,000 people. when she receives the doses.

– With the collaboration of Patrick Bellerose, Anne-Caroline Desplanques and Émilie Bergeron

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The press briefing in brief:

  • Quebec intends to announce next week a relaxation of certain measures for regions where transmission is lower.
  • François Legault considers “worrying” the possibility that Europe controls the exports of doses outside the European Union.
  • The Quebec government has reserved the Palais des congrès de Montréal and the Center de foires de Quebec for the most important phases of vaccination.
  • Of the 1,324 people hospitalized in Quebec, 1,040 of them are in greater Montreal.
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