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If the French and Parisian authorities have committed to substantially increasing the transport offer during the competitions, the promised new infrastructure will not be ready in time.

Transport overload during the Paris Olympics, a &laquo

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Passengers wait for the metro in the center of Paris.

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« Already just between us it's quite complicated when you take the metro, I can't even imagine with the tourists! » exclaims Octavie, who works in a boutique in the center of Paris, when asked how she envisions summer on public transport.

The young woman goes even further. It's going to be catastrophic, she predicts, referring to the Olympic period during which up to 15 million visitors could converge on the French capital.

Sans going this far, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, herself anticipates serious problems in terms of transport.

There are places where transport will not be ready because there will not be the necessary number of trains and frequency, she declared last year on the set of the television show Quotidien< /em>, sparking criticism from its partners at other levels of government.

David Roizen, expert associated with the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, shares the observation by the mayor of Paris. It’s a reality, agrees the specialist in public sports policies.

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Given the immense tourist interest in Paris in normal times, David Roizen believes that there should be no difficulties in hosting an event like the Olympic Games.

However, the expert emphasizes that the public transport network in the Paris region is already facing significant challenges. Images of crowded trains in the metro or commuter trains frequently circulate on social networks.

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New metro lines are under construction in the Paris region, but they will not be completed until after the Olympics.

By submitting Paris' bid to host the Olympic Games, the French authorities had promised the creation of infrastructure, notably new metro lines. However, the majority of these projects are still under construction.

There were stations which were planned to accommodate and streamline transport, they will be at best ready in May or June, explains David Roizen. For the other major metro lines, which must notably cover the outskirts of the capital, it will sometimes be necessary to wait a few years before their inauguration.

Above all, it reveals France's inability to carry it through, within satisfactory timetables , major infrastructure projects.

A quote from David Roizen, expert associated with the Jean-Jaurès Foundation

That s& #x27;add possible labor issues.

The unions of the main public transport agencies are demanding that the authorities increase the bonuses offered to their workers to meet the needs during the summer period.

Despite the challenges, Valérie Pécresse, the president of the Île-de-France region, which includes Paris and its suburbs, promised to considerably increase its transport offering during this period.

This increase of around 15% in train traffic is accompanied by significant costs of around 200 million euros. A bill that will not be paid by residents of the region, promises Ms. Pécresse.

If the price of regular monthly subscriptions is therefore not expected to change, the prices paid by visitors will increase significantly. During the Olympic period, the metro ticket will increase from 2.10 euros to 4 euros.

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Expert David Roizen notes that many of the promised infrastructures will not be in place for the Olympic Games.

Expert David Roizen recalls that this decision contradicts a promise that was made by the authorities when they announced Paris' candidacy.

It was written in black and white in our commitments that for holders of a ticket for an Olympic event, transport would be free, he recalls. But faced with the significant costs linked to the event, the organization had to make a choice.

Choices, the residents of Paris will probably be called to do them too during the summer.

In an interview with Franceinfo, at the beginning of December, the former Minister of Transport Clément Beaune wanted to reassuring about the transport offer, but nevertheless called on Parisians to adapt their habits during competitions.

Obviously, you will have to organize yourself differently during this period. More teleworking for those who can or more leave during this period, he suggested.

Nearly 60% of respondents to a survey carried out by the Elabe firm with 1001 French people, last August, did not already believe that the country would be able to meet the demand for transport when the Games opened.

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