Transnistria is forced to go to war – GUR

Transnistria is forced to go to war – GUR

Pridnistrov’I am forced to go to war – GUR

Population of Transnistria& #8217;I don't want to go to the army of the Russian Federation

Instigating the Russian military command to break up near Transnistria’ї a wide campaign for recruiting contract soldiers does not give a practical result.

The population of Moldovan Transnistria’ sign contracts with the Russian army, to those who do not want to go to war, but in the operational group of the military & # 8211; mass desertion. About Thursday, September 8, I remind the Head Office of Exploration (GUR) of Ukraine.

“Try the military command of the Russian Federation to open up near Pridnestrov’ї a wide campaign to recruit contractors will not give a practical result. The local population is encouraged to go to the Russian army, regardless of the high penny payments, social packages and the possibility of providing a living”, –

The stench was shouting that the main cause of the epidemics is nebazhannya take part in the fighting on the territory of Ukraine.

“It’s better that there are a lot of “volunteers”, who were called to sign a contract for the cob of war, or they perished, or they change their status of unknown”, – assign it to the GUR.

Such a mass call is made after the termination of the term of the contract.

The GUR advises that in the “operational group” aktivіzuvalos navchana special warehouse. Zakrema, it was possible to increase the number of occupants from the logistics support and the Viysk-medical assistance. #8220;A similar situation occurs with the training of military doctors – The number of people to occupy is increased, but if you want to get old, you need to get help on the first aid on the battlefield and further evacuation and medical care. And the soldiers will be provided with equipment, medicines, individual translations & #8217; with lingerie packages and humic bundles of exclusively Radiansk & #8220;, & #8211; we checked with the power steering.