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Assignment of lease: FEUS denounces the coming into force of the bill

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The Student Federation of x27;Université de Sherbrooke (FEUS) denounces the entry into force of Bill 31 which restricts the right of tenants to transfer their lease.

The FEUS is concerned that owners will now be able to refuse an assignment of lease if the reason is not considered serious enough.

This is a way that is essential for our members to have a price that is reasonable for their rent. In a context of shortage of affordable housing, this tool allowed our members to have the same leases as the people who were there before, by bypassingthe drastic increase that owners could make, argues Jacob Fontaine, external affairs coordinator at FEUS.

He fears that we will see even greater rent increases.

In student towns, there are a lot of lease transfers. We have the impression that prices will increase quickly.

A quote from Jacob Fontaine, external affairs coordinator at FEUS

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It illustrates in particular the fact that the students have tend to stay in their accommodation for a shorter time, since they have to move after completing their studies.

The Student Federation denounces the fact that Quebec did not take into account the criticisms made against this aspect of the bill.

We feel that the government is showing a disconnection from the reality that people experience day to day.

A quote from Jacob Fontaine, external affairs coordinator at FEUS

He deplores the fact that this government decision will affect the most disadvantaged people, as well as students. We come to favor those who benefit from the rental market while those who are victims of it are once again pushed aside, deplores Jacob Fontaine.

Jacob Fontaine hopes now that Quebec will put in place control measures to limit the increase in rents. He also believes that investment in student housing would also be desirable to maintain affordable prices.

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