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Trans Mountain: “We are reaching the end and that is a reason to be proud”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar21,2024

Trans Mountain: « We reach the end and it&rsquo

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The expanded Trans Mountain pipeline should be in service before the end of June, according to the Crown corporation's forecast.

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After 12 years of “quite a journey,” the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is almost complete, according to the Crown corporation’s chief financial officer, Mark Maki. In an interview, the latter believes that despite the delays and the high cost of the project, the repercussions will be positive for Canadians.

Contrary to the Prime Minister of Alberta, Mark Maki is cautious about disclosing an exact commissioning date and limits himself to the period of the second quarter of 2024.

A portion of the pipeline, in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, is still under construction. The pipeline must be passed through a sector which has already caused problems for the state company in the past.

Cleaning work has was also halted last week after inspectors from the Canada Energy Regulator discovered company contractors near an active red-tailed hawk nesting site (New window).

Based on internal reports, we are happy with the progress of construction, says Mark Maki.

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