Training in the heat?  You should pay attention to this!  Tips from the experts |  Life & Knowledge

Training in the heat? You should pay attention to this! Tips from the experts | Life & Knowledge

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Training in the heat?  You should pay attention to this!  Tips from the experts |  Life & Knowledge

Despite the high temperatures, many do not want to do without sports. Basically no problem! But there are a few things to keep in mind when exercising in the heat.

The most important thing about this weather: take it easy. Basically, however, there is no limit to how many degrees you shouldn’t do any sport! And: a lot of movement can protect against heat in the long term!

Prof. Dr. med. Rüdiger Reer, deputy spokesman for the Sports and Exercise Medicine Department at the University of Hamburg. “Those who do sport regularly are best protected against the heat. The body can adapt better to the external conditions, the athlete sweats better and he loses less electrolytes than an untrained person. The worst thing would be to skip the exercise because of the heat, because the body would work off quickly. “

When is the best time to train?

Use the cooler time, preferably the morning hours, because then the ozone pollution is not that high. “Decrease the intensity, take more breaks, drink before you get thirsty. A heart rate monitor with which you can check the intensity is well suited.

The ideal value for endurance sports varies depending on the age and type of sport. So you can roughly calculate it for running: 220 minus age times 0.7. Make sure you wear airy clothing, waterproof sun protection and, if possible, exercise in the forest or in the shade, ”explains Reer.

Why is exercise more strenuous in the heat?

At over 30 degrees, even moderate cycling is difficult for us. Why is that? Reer: “Normally the body needs energy for the muscles during sport. At high temperatures, however, you need additional energy so that your body does not overheat.

The temperature compensation means that less energy is available for physical exertion. In addition, the body loses more fluids and electrolytes, which also reduces performance. “

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Who should be extra careful when exercising in the heat?

Exercising at high temperatures is not good for everyone. Children and the elderly in particular should be careful. The reason: Your sweat glands work less well, which can quickly lead to overheating and excessive demands. “Even people with previous illnesses, e. B. the cardiovascular system, must be particularly careful. It is best to discuss the training with a doctor beforehand, ”says the expert.

What should I watch out for with high ozone levels?

Ozone pollution is often particularly high in summer and, in addition to the heat, it can put a strain on the body. Reer: “Ozone irritates the lungs, which is especially dangerous for people with lung diseases.” In addition, 10-20 percent of people are considered to be ozone-sensitive – if the values ​​are high, they get bad air. Tip: If you want to avoid ozone as much as possible, you should train in the morning or in the hall.

Which sports are particularly suitable?

Naturally, it makes sense to go swimming in the sun and at high temperatures. This refreshes and trains the muscles at the same time. “Even sports with a head wind, such as B. Inline skating or cycling are suitable. The airflow helps prevent overheating because it cools the body from the outside, ”says Reer.

But be careful: This can quickly lead to overexertion. “In principle, you can practice any sport, but you should always adapt to the heat and never train in the blazing midday sun.”

When should I stop exercising?

Extreme heat puts additional stress on the body. So don’t overdo it! If you have any of the following symptoms: headache, nausea, feeling hot in the head, dizziness, restlessness, chills, weakness, tiredness, fast pulse, dropping blood pressure or visual disturbances, you should definitely stop exercising!

“In such a case you suffer from a heat illness. Immediately stop exercising, go in the shade, drink and, if necessary, put your legs up. If the symptoms don’t get better, see a doctor, ”warns the expert.

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