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A trafficker who received ;help of a civil servant sentenced to 11 years in prison

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Police seized three kilograms of cocaine and more than $10,000 in cash during the investigation dubbed Project “Dawgpound.”


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A drug and contraband cigarette dealer who received help from an official to escape police has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. Court documents reveal new details about his activities.

The trafficker was arrested in December 2022 as part of a Royal Gendarmerie investigation of Canada, called the “Dawgpound” project.

He was arrested while en route from Toronto to Winnipeg. Authorities seized three kilograms of cocaine and more than $10,000 in cash during his arrest.

According to the agreed statement of facts, the trafficker purchased Cocaine in Ontario and resold it in Manitoba. He supplied drugs to other dealers in Winnipeg and communities in northern and central Manitoba, including Ashern, Poplar River and Norway House.

About twenty people were arrested during the dismantling of the trafficker's network, including an official from the Manitoba Department of Finance and a security guard from the Canadian Science Center for Human and Animal Health.

In addition to drugs, the trafficker sold contraband cigarettes with the help of an investigator from the Manitoba Department of Finance who disclosed information about police plans .

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The member of the special investigation unit, which usually investigates cigarette smuggling, was charged with bribing officials, breach of trust by a public official and conspiracy to evade payment of duties.

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A seizure by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The authorities discovered the existence of a leak by intercepting the trafficker's calls. From the outset of these calls, it is clear that the organization is paying someone to advise it when investigations are underway on the highway, the agreed statement of facts states.

To uncover the source of the leak, police intentionally disclosed information to ministry investigators regarding a recent seizure of 71 cases of unstamped cigarettes belonging to couriers working for the trafficker.

Police then intercepted a call from the investigator telling an accomplice to leave the highway in order to avoid police.

His next court hearing is January 8, 2024.

The investigation also led to the arrest of a woman who worked with the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires as a guard at the Canadian Science Center for Human and Animal Health.

The woman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic cocaine, admitting that she kept a backpack full of cocaine for the trafficker in November 2022 in exchange for $200.

At the Nov. 6 sentencing hearing, defense attorney Jason Poettcker said the woman was a single mother who had faced terrible instability in her life.

The court also heard that the accused had a traumatic childhood, often going without food with her siblings.

His lawyer said the trafficker had befriended the guard, and then exploited him when he realized that she needed the money Ultimately, she made a bad choice because of this situation, he argued.

The guard was given a two-year suspended prison sentence which she will serve in the community.

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