Toyota's surplus having fallen mayzhe vdvіchі through the deficit of chips and the growth of vitrate

Toyota's surplus having fallen mayzhe vdvіchі through the deficit of chips and the growth of vitrate

Japanese auto giant is not going through its best hours.

Toyota Motor Corp announced the results of the first quarter of the streaming financial rock, which started at the quarter and ended in black. For three months, the operating income of the largest automaker fell by 42 thousand rubles – up to 578.66 billion єn (4.3 billion dollars) from 997.4 billion for the same period in 2021. The reason for this is the protracted lack of details, the syrovina, the sleepovers of the coronavirus and other problems that were disturbed by the shortcomings of the war.

Toyota's surplus has fallen into a big gap due to a shortage of chips and an increase in wattage

Scale The fall overturned the most pessimistic forecasts: analysts prophesied that Toyota would spend more than 15 hundred dollars of profit. After the announcement of the results in the quarter, the number of shares of the company shortened by three hundredths – up to 2091 єni.

Toyota was told that the increase in prices for materials – mainly steel and aluminum – cost the company 315 billion euros. According to the forecasts, zagalnі vtrati on syrovina for pіdbags the rock will jump by 17 vіdsotkіv and become 1.7 trillion ієn.

However, the number of cars on the road is consistently high, which gives hope for the release of 9.7 million cars until April 2023. The company has to pay for the fact that the shortage of microelectronics is step by step coming down, like the problems with the coronavirus at the factories, to allow step by step to increase the collection obligations from the other half of the financial rock.

approximately 10 vіdsotkіv. Due to the torn schedule, the company is unable to cope with the demand and hesitates to apply for new cars, including the new Land Cruiser, and call for an appointment. After the release, but don't worry, Hino Motors is threatening a new dieselgate.