Toyota will withdraw from Russia defective Prius hybrid cars

Toyota in August this year will start revocable campaign, under which can fix thousands of defective 752 hybrid cars Prius. In Russia there are 25 “problematic” models from this manufacturer, released in 2014-2015

Toyota отзовёт из России дефективные гибридные автомобили Prius

Japanese company will recall cars from different countries of the world. Problems identified in the Toyota Prius entered the market in 2013-2017, the Owners of transport massively complain about the defect of the power plant. It manifests itself during the move, and the car may suddenly stop in the middle of the road creating an emergency situation. In this brake system and power steering will continue to function. Due to the increased risk of accident manual Toyota decided to repair defective cars through the company. Soon the Corporation will begin to notify drivers about the beginning of the action. To find out information about the recall by contacting a car dealership. The owners of transport will spend to repair a single penny.

The Toyota Prius is the world’s first serial hybrid car. It is driven via diesel and electric units. Thanks to this machine that causes minimal harm to the environment and saves fuel. The Toyota Prius is in high demand in the US, Europe and Japan.

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