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Toyota, Volkswagen, Renault: who is the world leader in car sales

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar22,2024

>> Toyota Motor

Toyota Motor Group sold a record 11.2 million vehicles in 2023, becoming the world leader among automakers for the fourth year in a row. The group's global sales growth for the year is 7.2%.

The World Car Group ranking in 2023 is dominated by the Toyota Group, whose sales growth is 4.6%. This is reported by focus2move.

Who is the world leader in car sales:

  • For the year Toyota Group sold 10.8 million new cars (+4.6%), maintaining a significant advantage over all others.
  • The second was Volkswagen Groupwith 8.8 million cars (+10.9%).
  • Hyundai -Kia took 3rd place with the result of 7.1 million sales (+3.9%).
  • On 4- in place Renault Nissan Alliance – 6.9 million units. (+5.8%).
  • The fifth place was retained by Stellantis– 6.5 million units. (+3.2%).
  • The sixth result was demonstrated by GM – 6.2 million units. (+3.3%).
  • In 7th place Honda Motor – 4.1 million units. (+4.2%).
  • Eighth in the ranking Ford – 3.9 million units. (+4.5%).
  • 9th place in Suzuki – 3.05 million units. (-0.2%).
  • Closes the TOP-10 BYD – 2.6 million units. (+46.3%).

Toyota, Volkswagen, Renault: who is the world leader in car sales


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