Toyota, the brand people keep the longest

Toyota, the brand people keep the longest

The reliability of Toyota vehicles is well known, as is the satisfaction of their owners. This is what causes many to keep them for a long time. Long time.

A new study from the American research firm provides us with another eloquent proof.

By analyzing more than 660,000 transactions made last year involving vehicles from model years 1981 to 2005, she was able to establish a track record of those that people keep in their possession for at least 15 years.

First observation: seven of the top ten places are occupied by Toyota. The others belong to Honda (two) and Subaru (one).

Top 10 Vehicles Owners Keep For 15 Years Or More

  1. Toyota Prius (13.7% of copies)
  2. Toyota Highlander (12.4%)
  3. Toyota Tacoma (11.6%)
  4. Toyota Sienna (11.5%)
  5. Toyota Tundra (11.3%)
  6. Honda CR-V (10.7%)
  7. Honda Pilot (10.4%)
  8. Subaru Forester (9.8%)
  9. Toyota 4Runner (9.4%)
  10. Toyota Sequoia (9.1%)

“Japanese vehicles, especially those from Toyota and Honda, are renowned for being reliable and durable, so they attract business-oriented consumers who want to drive the same vehicle for as long as possible,” said Karl Brauer, analyst for Drivers are more likely to keep a model they can trust and don’t cost much to maintain. “

A real star among taxi drivers, the Toyota Prius sits at the top, with 13.7% of the copies sold remaining with their owner for at least 15 years, which is 2.2 times more than the average vehicle.

“People who have owned a Prius for 15 years or more are among the first to adopt hybrid cars. They not only want to save at the pump, but also in long-term maintenance, adds Brauer. The longer you keep a Prius, the greater the savings. “

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