Toyota is reinventing the electric SUV with this “Beyond Zero” concept

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Toyota presents the bZ Compact SUV Concept at the Los Angeles Motor Show, a concept car that announces a future model, to say the least, of Toyota's bZ range.

Toyota is reinventing the electric SUV with this “Beyond Zero” /></p><p>Considered a pioneer in the field of hybrid cars, Toyota recently unveiled the all-new generation of Prius. A plug-in hybrid model par excellence, which is preparing its big comeback with a completely revised design, but without a 100% electric version on the horizon. This does not prevent the manufacturer from being (very) committed to the path of electrification, and this one demonstrates it today with the presentation of a brand new SUV zero emissions: the bZ Compact SUV Concept.</p><h2>Toyota bZ Compact SUV: the SUV of the future according to Toyota</h2><p>According to Toyota: “<em>This new concept is of type “clean-vital”.</em>For the manufacturer, it is a new aesthetic approach that combines the minimalism expected of a BEV and the dynamism of the future. Beyond its design, this new bZ Compact SUV Concept also uses durable low-impact materials, without forgetting to display dynamic performance and all the necessary modern technology.</p><p><img decoding=

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An SUV with a resolutely futuristic look, with a particularly sharp front end and very short to accentuate the dynamism of the whole. On board, there is a premium finish, while using durable materials. For example, the seats are made from recycled plant materials.

Toyota also announces the presence on board of a voice assistant, which benefits from light and sound signals that move around the cabin, to respond to the commands of the various passengers. Whether outside or inside, Toyota wanted to develop a new SUV marked by a design that is both futuristic, but also minimalist.

Toyota reinvents the SUV electric with this concept “Beyond Zero”

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Carbon neutrality in 2050 at Toyota

Obviously, the manufacturer specifies that this new bZ Compact SUV Concept presented at the Los Angeles show is responsible for prefiguring a future model of the bZ range. Last year, Toyota presented an amazing bZ4X, another 100% electric SUV (now available) equipped with an on-board solar charging system, aimed at increasing the overall autonomy of the vehicle.

< p> Toyota is reinventing the electric SUV with this concept “Beyond Zero” /></p><p id=© Toyota

Recall that through its “Beyond Zero& #8221; (or bZ), Toyota envisions a completely carbon-neutral future. This will notably involve the launch of many vehicles running on alternative fuels and zero-emission engines. The objective of the Japanese company is to achieve total carbon neutrality by 2050.

For several years now, manufacturers have been positioning themselves in the very buoyant SUV 100 segment. % electric, this is the case for Toyota, but also for BMW, to name but one, which is preparing a major offensive, driven in particular by a small X1 that is both compact and affordable.