Toyota commented on the fall in sales and failures in the selection plan

Toyota commented on the fall in sales and failures in the selection plan

After a planned 850,000 cars, the auto giant is going to release 750,000 cars.

Toyota Announces Decline in Sales and Failures of Production Plan

Toyota has published announcements of the sale of that production plan in May 2022. Sales are falling nine months ago: the whole world has sold 761,466 cars – 9.4 less, lower for the same month of the past year. Due to problems with the availability of components and parts of the factories, the number of vehicles decreased to 634,940 vehicles (minus 5.4 per cent in January-2021) over the plan of 700,000 copies.

In this rank, the largest automaker in the world for sale hasn't broken the plan for the third month already. On the other hand, Toyota is still pursuing the planned plan for the release of a record 9.7 million cars in the financial year, which will end in June 2023.

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At the grassy belts of the conveyors in Japan, the increase in the middle of the country was 28.5 km (144,204 cars) before the fall, and from the outskirts, the growth showed a small increase – by 4.6 km up to 490,736 cars. In terms of sales, the home market fell by more than 20 hundred kilometers (86,544 cars) and by 7.7 hundred kilometers (674,922 cars) in other countries. the robot never had a chance to screw up the great stocks of parts. However, the latest fate was preparing for the crisis and caught up with the Japanese auto giant. The situation was worsened by interruptions in the supply of COVID-19 in China.

Toyota has already twice lowered the production plan by worms: at a time, 750,000 cars will be installed – approximately 12 hundred kilometers lower than the cob plan, writes Reuters.