Towards the extension of a controversial law banning the teaching of LGBT+ issues in Florida

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 Towards the extension of a controversial law banning the teaching of LGBT+ issues in Florida

Giorgio Viera Agence France-Presse LGBTQ+ rights activists protest last November against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his controversial policies.

Ron DeSantis, Republican Governor of Florida, is seeking to ban the teaching of subjects related to sexual orientation or gender identity at all grade levels, which would expand a highly controversial law applying to hour only in primary school.

His administration's proposal, which does not need the approval of the Florida legislature, will be voted on by the state Board of Education on April 19, and has already been approved by the local authorities in charge. education.

If passed, the “intentional” teaching of these subjects will be banned from kindergarten through high school.

It would extend the reach of a law enacted in 2022, dubbed “Don't say gay” by its critics. Strongly criticized by Democrats and activists for the rights of LGBT + people, the text had caused a national controversy.

Governor Ron DeSantis, a new strongman of the hard right, is seen as a probable suitor to the Republican nomination for the presidential election of 2024, even if he has not yet formalized his candidacy.

The Republican leads a very conservative policy, particularly in matters of morals. He pays particular attention to the themes and books studied in schools, which he accuses of indoctrinating students.

His administration's new proposal was immediately denounced by groups defending the rights of LGBT people +.

“That was the goal all along: widespread censorship and banning of books, targeting LGBT+ people to further his presidential ambitions,” Equality Florida said. on Twitter.

Schools, mirrors of a deeply divided America, are the scene of very political clashes over the teaching of racism, gender issues or sexuality.

< p>This proposal also comes in the context of a nationwide conservative offensive on LGBT+ issues.

In early March, Tennessee became the first US state to legislate against drag queen shows in public places, invoking the protection of children from reproach presentations considered too sexualized.