Tourist fined almost $2,000 for “undeclared” burgers from McDonald's: what's the matter

Tourist fined almost $2,000 for “undeclared” burgers from McDonald's: what's the matter

Breakfast at Mcdonald’s cost the tourist too much.

Tourist fined almost $2,000 for 'undeclared' McDonald's burgers: what's the matter

A tourist traveling by plane from Bali, Indonesia to Australia was fined approximately $1,874 for carrying two McDonald’s burgers in his luggage. CNN Travel writes about this.

After the service dog sniffed the man's undeclared McMuffin burgers with egg and beef sausages and a ham croissant, the passenger was fined A$2,664.

Considering that one McMuffin burger usually costs about $2, and a croissant at Mcdonald&#8217 ;s costs about $1, the traveler had to overpay for breakfast a colossal amount. Moreover, he could not even eat it, because the products were taken away for inspection.

The fact is that just days before the ill-fated flight, the Australian authorities introduced tough new biosecurity rules after an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Indonesia spread to Bali, popular among Australian tourists.

At the same time, the Australian authorities issued an order in which they warned that passengers arriving from Indonesia would be especially carefully checked at airports . In case of refusal to undergo an inspection or detection of prohibited products, they threatened with a fine or even denial of entry if the violator turned out to be a foreigner.

to their death. The disease can be carried by live animals, in meat and dairy products, and on clothes, shoes, and even luggage of people who have been in contact with infected animals.