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Touching video: Kherson graduates danced a waltz from different parts of the world

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

Touching video: Kherson graduates danced a waltz from different parts of the world

Graduates they danced a waltz/Ukrainian South

At the end of each school year, the last bell rings. Schoolchildren go on summer vacation, and graduates say goodbye to their native walls and set off on a new road.

However, the Russian-Ukrainian war forced classmates to move to different cities and continue their studies online. Graduates of the Kherson school decided to celebrate the last bell in an original way.

Students of the Kherson Physical and Technical Lyceum decided to dance the last school waltz. However, due to the distance between them, the students resorted to a creative solution.

The students learned the dance and recorded it on video, each in their own city. All videos were edited and presented in a touching video.

Waltz of the graduates of the Kherson Physico-Technical Lyceum, who were scattered around the world by the war, and the youth united in a whirlwind of a waltz and proved to the whole world that life is a beautiful moment – and this moment no one has the right to withdraw, – wrote the author of the video, Inna Belova.

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