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Toronto's Jewish community most targeted by hate crimes, police say

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The IDF Foods grocery store in north Toronto was burned and vandalized last week. Words written on the rear wall of the building have since been erased. (Archive photo)

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The Chief of the Toronto Police Service, Myron Demkiw, wanted to reassure Torontonians and more particularly the Jewish community in his update on hate crimes before the Commission Toronto Police Services on Thursday. Cases of anti-Semitism in the City continue to be over-represented in reports made to the police.

According to their most recent data, Toronto police received 190 hate crime-related calls each month from October to December 2023.

The average monthly was 47 hate crime calls, from January to September 2023.

In 2023, the number of hate crime cases increased by 42 % compared to 2022, or 353 cases reported in 2023 compared to 248 cases reported in 2022, according to the Toronto Police Service.

Since the start of the conflict in the Middle East last October, hate crimes committed have been on the rise in the Canadian metropolis.

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Our concern reaches a new height.

A quote from Myron Demkiw, Chief of the Toronto Police Service

The conflict between Hamas and Israel generates periodic demonstrations in the Queen City.

Police Chief Myron Demkiw confirms that his officers have responded to 308 mobilizations since the outbreak of this war on October 7.

D&#x27 ;elsewhere, demonstrations will not be permitted on the Avenue Road bridge, he emphasizes.

People can expect to be arrested if necessary, says Myron Demkiw.

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Toronto's police chief wanted to reassure the city's Jewish community following an increase in hate crimes in recent month.

Anti-Semitism continues to account for more reported hate crimes than any other category, amounting to 37% of all reported hate crimes in 2023.

Last week, a Jewish-owned grocery store was targeted by an arson attack.

Last year, 132 hate crime cases related to anti-Semitism were reported, compared to 65 in 2022, according to Toronto police.

In 2023, 35 cases of crime Islamophobic, anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab hate speeches were recorded by the authorities, compared to 12 cases in 2022.

Toronto's LGBTQ+ community also continues to be targeted by hatred, says police chief.

To date, there have been three reported hate crimes in Toronto in 2024, two cases of anti-Semitism and one case targeting LGBTQ2S+ communities, according to the Toronto Police Service.

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