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Toronto could sell old subway trains in Detroit

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In Toronto, the Scarborough RT light rail line was taken out of service for good last summer, following a derailment . (Archive photo)


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The US city of Detroit wants to buy five old light trains from Toronto's Line 3 (Scarborough RT), which was taken out of service last summer following a derailment.

For Detroit, the main objective is to have spare parts for its downtown line.

The American city's public transport company has approved a budget of up to 1 million US dollars for the purchase of the trains, confirms general manager Robert Cramer.

Detroit should also pay their transportation costs, he adds. The mode of transportation has not yet been finalized.

It's a win-win proposition for both Detroit and the Queen City, which would otherwise have scrapped these cars, says Stuart Green, spokesperson for the Toronto Transportation Commission (TTC).

He argues that light rail is old, but relatively in good condition. The July derailment was linked to the Scarborough RT rails, not the trainsets, he notes.

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He adds that the CTT will keep two trains for museums.

A subway extension project is underway to serve users in eastern Toronto. The latter have meanwhile had to make do with replacement buses since line 3 was decommissioned.

With information from CBC News

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