TOP series with the worst endings

TOP series with the worst endings

Recently, the IndieWire portal decided to rank the best films of the 90s out of 100 tapes. And now Variety has published a list of series with the worst endings. The journalists included such eminent shows as “Game of Thrones”, “Gossip Girl” and “Doctor House” in their list. But the series with the worst ending was recognized by critics as The Sopranos. The show told the story of a modern-day Godfather and ended with its sixth season.

TOP shows with worst endings

The Sopranos

Variety's 10 worst endings:

“The Sopranos&# 8221;;
“Game of Thrones”;
Battlestar Galactica;
“Stay alive”;
“How I Met Your Mother”;
“True Blood”;
“Mad Men”.

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