TOP procedure 2020 – vacuum laser hair removal

The answers to the main questions about the most popular cosmetic procedure

Quarantine passes, but the desire of women to look after themselves – ever. And rightly so. What’s the most popular cosmetic procedure in the run-up to summer? Of course, laser hair removal.

Where to do laser hair removal efficiently and with great results? What equipment is best to cope with unwanted hair? Is it possible to do the procedure in the height of summer? All the answers to these and other questions in our material.

The most popular form of hair removal

Today to make laser hair removal literally beckoning on every street. Salons laser hair removal, medical centers, clinics of aesthetic cosmetology vying to offer this service, but how to make the right choice? Different centers, different devices – what you need to know about laser hair removal, not to spend all at the one time and money?

ТОП-процедура 2020 года – вакуумная лазерная эпиляция

Trend 2020 – vacuum laser hair removal. Finally got hardware, which can ensure painless hair removal. Vacuum apparatus does not require anesthesia, while still making a light massage of the skin, rejuvenating and tightening it. You ask, what is this miracle machine? Meet diode laser Lumenis LightSheer Desire.

The advantages of machine Lumenis LightSheer Desire

The unit Lumenis LightSheer Desire – a unique device that allows you to change attachments depending on the areas of the body. If you want to process a large area such as the legs, back, stomach, use the nozzle with High Speed. What does it mean? The biggest size of the working spot of the handle, which allows significantly reduce the duration of the procedure. While the vacuum technology eliminates the pain and the likelihood of side effects. No burns, redness, ingrown hair is a progressive technology of vacuum enhancement.

ТОП-процедура 2020 года – вакуумная лазерная эпиляция

When handling such delicate areas, like upper lip or bikini area, use a small nozzle with patented technology ChillTipTM. This gentle laser hair removal using integrated cooling system of the skin, which is particularly relevant to intimate and hormone-dependent zones. The nozzle provides maximum comfort during the procedure and removes unwanted hair and ingrown hair, without risk of negative consequences.

The unit Lumenis LightSheer Desire – the best choice for removing unwanted hair on any parts of the body and face. It is suitable for women and men with any skin phototype, including dark.

Where can you do laser hair removal on the unit Lumenis LightSheer Desire

Remove unwanted hair using Lumenis LightSheer Desire in the International network of laser hair removal and cosmetology “Lumenis”. The company uses only the latest laser machines of the latest generation, released no later than 2019. The equipment is certified and approved for use in Ukraine, approved by the U.S. Department of supervision of the quality of the foods and drug administration (FDA) and is recognized worldwide todays best machine for removing unwanted hair.

ТОП-процедура 2020 года – вакуумная лазерная эпиляция

“Centres of Lumenis” strictly complied with the rules of sterility and disinfection. The rooms are kvartsevanie after each client, the nozzle on the handle of the laser are used once, all surfaces disinfected, use disposable sheets and linen. Here customers are not only innovative technologies and European service, but also guarantee high-quality services on the best equipment.

Come in “Lumenis”, improve themselves and improve the quality of life.

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