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Top 8 best manga artists

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul6,2024

While some manga authors have established themselves as highly talented scriptwriters, others have shown exceptional drawing skills. Here are the eight best manga artists.

Top 8 Best Manga Artists

#8 Takeshi Obata

Top 8 best manga artists

What do they have in common? between Yusuke Murata (One-Punch ManEyeshield 21) and Nobuhiro Watsuki (Kenshin the Wanderer)? The two designers were Takeshi Obata's assistants, including work onDeath Note,BakumanandPlatinum End(all three in collaboration with the screenwriter Tsugumi Ōba) designates him among the most important manga artists. With his precise and pure style, and his incredible sense of character design and cutting, he has become a true reference in the field.A very great artist!

#7 Naoki Urasawa

Top 8 of the best manga artists

Absolute master of Japanese thriller,Naoki Urasawa is considered; (rightly) as one of the greatest mangakas in the world. An exceptional screenwriter, who has an unusual sense of cliffhanger, the mangaka is also a great designer. Naoki Urasawa stands out in his representation of faces: not content with assuming the Japanese features of his characters, the mangaka also does not hesitate to take on the Japanese features of his characters. draw physically “ugly” characters. Its impressive gallery of diverse faces gives an impression of realism to the viewer. its universes. What impresses most, however, is its ability to à lead several mangas at the same time, without the quality being the same. of his drawing (or scenarios) is diminished. Hats off to the artist!

#6 Yasuhisa HARA

Top 8 best manga artists

Unlike; Many of the legends in this selection, Yasuhisa Hara is the artist of a single work. But what a work!Kingdomis a masterpiece of incredible intensity. and crazy intelligence. Immersing us in China during the Warring States era, the manga is peppered with characters. of extraordinary battle scenes, made unforgettable thanks to the drawing talent of Yasuhisa Hara. Whether he shows us a cavalry charging or a duel between two legendary warriors, the mangaka gives us shows the full extent of his art.

#5 Boichi 

Top 8 best manga artists

Real name Park Mu-jik, Boichi is the only designer in this selection with not to be Japanese, since even if he lives in the Land of the Rising Sun, this gigantic artist is Korean! Whether with Originor with Dr. Stone (in collaboration with Riichirō Inagaki),he excels thanks to his skills. his sense of anatomy, framing and movement, which makes him formidable when it comes to drawing action scenes and in the iconization of his characters. /p>

#4 Hayao Miyazaki

Top 8 best manga artists

Became with films like&nbsp ;The Castle in the Sky,Princess Mononokéor even Spirited Away, the absolute master of Japanese animated cinema, Hayao Miyazaki is also a great mangaka.Let's not forget that some of his greatest masterpieces The work is inspired by manga that he wrote and drew.We obviously think ofNausicaä de la Vallée du Vent (the seven volumes of which are available from Glénat), but also inVent se lèle, whose manga is unfortunately unpublished in Japan. The recent publication ofVoyage de Shuna – released in France at the same time as his latest masterpiece,The Boy and the Heron – reminded us of how Hayao Miyazaki was a prodigious designer, each board of which is an invitation to dream and escape. A master, we tell you!


Top 8 of the best manga artists

True star of shonen, Yusuke Murata is the artist of Eyeshield 21 (in collaboration with Riichirō Inagaki) and One-Punch Man (in collaboration with ONE). Often cited; One of the most talented artists in the medium, Yusuke Murata is a monster of design and action scenes. His boards, teeming with details, give an impression of power and gigantism that commands respect. Yusuke Murata also excels in breaks in tone: in one panel to another; barely,Saitama loses his puppet appearance to transform into a charismatic hero. In doing so, Yusuke Murata confirms that he is the most worthy heir of the legendary Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball). 

#2 Takehiko Inoue

Top 8 of the best manga artists

Absolute legend of manga, Takehiko Inoue is an exceptional storyteller and designer. Disciple of the great Tsukasa Hojo (City HunterCat's Eye), he quickly became a star with Slam Dunk, considered ;ré à reason as the best sports manga of all time. Very quickly, through his way of representing bodies in action and the design of his characters, Takehiko Inoue demonstrates a great mastery of his art, which will reach perfection withVagabond , his greatest masterpiece. Certain plates fromVagabond are works of art that deserve to be presented in museums. While the author is working on his second basketball manga,Real, he returned to the world ofSlam Dunkwith the excellent animated filmThe First Slam Dunk, which he directed. An artist who succeeds in everything he touches!

#1 Kentaro Miura

Top 8 best manga artists

First place in this ranking obviously goes to the much missed Kentaro Miura, whose death shocked everyone many fans. (Note that Takehiko Inoue could also have claimed this first place on the podium.) WithBerserk, the designer offered us a dark gem of Dark Fantasy, including some boards leave you speechless. Extremely meticulous, and drawing inspiration from each other. Both the paintings of Goya and the drawings of Gustave Doré, Kentaro Miura has imposed himself on his work. as the greatest designer of his time.His drawings make us feel all the materiality of life. of a monstrous and violent world.A giant. Since his death, Berserk has been taken over by her best friend Koji Mori, and her former assistants at the Gaga studio continue to reproduce her unique style, to the delight of fans. Good news, volume 42 ofBerserk will be released very soon in France.

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