Top 7 Space Series

Top 7 Space Series

Sci-fi series about flights to other planets, space research missions and stations located in the vast Universe have long been loved by viewers. In our material, we have collected the brightest series, the theme of which is the conquest of space. Speaking of space, Ukrainian actress Ivanna Sakhno has landed a role in the Star Wars series Ahsoka Tano.

Top 7 space series

A frame from the series “Space”

So, we bring to your attention the Top 7 most space series according to ProShoKino.

“Space”, 2015

The action of the series takes place in the future, in which mankind managed to colonize the solar system. Detective Miller and Spaceship Captain Holden are investigating the disappearance of a young woman together.

Everyone criticizes Star Wars for its implausibility, The Expanse has a lot of it: no up-down in zero gravity, water forms into bubbles, etc. d. If you are for authenticity in cinema, then the series is definitely for you!

The Mandalorian, 2019

The series is part of the Star Wars universe. The action takes place 5 years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, but before the advent of the First Order. The plot tells about the adventures of a lone bounty hunter – a Mandalorian who is forced to go on the run after taking The Kid under his protection.

The series brings everything that we loved so much in the good old Star Wars! The series will surpass all the latest films with an adventure story with an unusual setting. All in all, it's a must-see!

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Firefly, 2002

The action takes place in the distant 26th century. The crew of the space freighter Serenity, led by veteran galactic warfare Malcolm Reynolds, roam the stars in search of adventure. The heroes are on the run from the law, smuggling and constantly getting involved in dubious stories.

If you haven't watched this western in space, you've missed a lot. Behind a great adventure fa├žade, there is an abyss of cool meanings. Simply a masterpiece, albeit a very short one…

Lost in Space, 2018

The Robinson family goes into space to colonize a new planet as the Earth has become uninhabitable. The heroes crash and find themselves in another dimension, an unexplored world in which they now need to survive.


In the distant future, a research starship The Orville is on its next expedition across the universe. The crew of the spaceship is ready for the most severe and difficult trials, and adventures are not long in coming.

Dark Matter, 2015 -2017

Six crew members of an abandoned spaceship wake up on board with absolutely no memory of who they are or where they came from. To survive on this journey, the heroes will have to overcome the unknown and remember the past.

The First Ones, 2018

A group of scientists, engineers and astronauts set off on their first flight to Mars in order to colonize the planet. The expedition faces great difficulties during the journey, and those who remained on Earth are also going through difficult times.

Recall that the American studio Disney + announced the release date of the series “Obi-Wan Kenobi” . The film will hit the screens on May 25. The film will be released exactly 45 years after the premiere of A New Hope.