TOP 5 science fiction writers who predicted the future in his works

Journalists made a rating of the science fiction writers, with amazing precision predicted in his writings the future. In the TOP 5 were French writer and classic of adventure literature, Jules Verne, published in 1870, the famous novel “20,000 leagues under the sea”.

ТОП-5 писателей-фантастов, предсказавших будущее в своих произведениях

French science fiction writer considered one of the most brilliant visionaries, and this is not surprising, because he followed closely all the novelties of science and technology of the time. Of course, he was aware of the use of a Confederate submarine in the Civil war in the United States. However, this vehicle with pedal drive and some were not with the main character of the aforementioned novel, the mighty “Nautilus”, the system which operated through electricity. At that time submarines running on electricity, did not exist even in theory.

Predicted Jules Verne and the emergence of the so-called aerial advertising, which is rarely, but still used in the modern world. Means trail in the sky left by aircraft due to the special equipment in the form of letters or drawings.

The next place in the ranking of science fiction, prediksi future in his works, went to English writer and writer Hg wells, who in the novel 1914 issue of the “Liberated world” predicted the development of nuclear weapons. In addition, he was able to foresee the lasers, tanks, and technology, similar to modern voice mail.

Not ignored by the drafters of the Top American writer ray Bradbury, “ahead of” Apple for half a century. He described a miniature earphone-type “drop” in the well-known dystopia, published in 1950, “451 degrees Fahrenheit”.

Russian and Soviet writer and public figure Alexey Tolstoy , published in 1923 novel “Aelita” described the spacecraft of the future, and American writer mark TWAIN, not specializing in science fiction, in his 1904 story “From the London times” showed a wireless video link, the newspaper notes Planet Today.

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