Top 5 Incredible Movies Based on Stephen King's Books

Top 5 Incredible Movies Based on Stephen King's Books

“The King of Horrors” Stephen King is now actively supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia. Most of his books and stories have been filmed, such as “Confrontation”. ProShoKino has compiled a selection of the 5 best adaptations of Stephen King books that are worth watching.

TOP 5 Incredible Stephen King Movies

Stephen King

“The Shawshenko Redemption”

Accountant Andy Dufresne was accused of killing his wife and her lover. The man ended up in “Shawshank” prison, where he faces complete lawlessness and cruelty from both sides of the bars. But Andy manages to find an approach to both the prisoners and the guards.


This novel had 2 adaptations: in 1990 and 2017, the latter also had a sequel in 2019. In the town of Derry there are mysterious murders of children and only a small group of peers-friends “The Losers Club” know that it is It, the clown Pennywise. Children realize that It takes the form of the greatest fear, waking up every 27 years in this city. Children and adults – they will need to overcome it.


“Mist” 2007 and 2017 – is a film and television series based on King's story “The Fog”. After a storm, a small American town is covered with a supernatural white fog, in which terrible monsters live and people die. The survivors are saved in buildings where the fog has not yet penetrated.

But the main danger is not the fog outside, but the growing fear, suspicion and obsession that have settled at the head of people.


“The Shining”

The 1980 film by Stanley Kubrick, the film adaptation, which Stephen King himself considers the most unsuccessful. The writer Jack Torrance came to the elegant remote hotel to work as a warden during the off-season with his wife and son. Torrance had never been here before. Or is it not quite right? The answer lies in the darkness woven from a criminal nightmare.

“Pet Cemetery”

The novel was filmed in 1989, and in 1992 – The second part. And in 2019 – another screen version. Louis Creed's family moves into a rural home, which, as it turns out, is located next door to the gloomy Pet Cemetery. It is here that Luis hides the cat, the family pet, who died under the wheels of a truck. This death leads to a series of horrific events that prove to the Creeds that the dead must stay dead.

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