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TOP-30 world capitals with the cleanest air: Kyiv entered the rating


Kyiv entered the list of 30 world capitals with the best air quality indicators for the second time in the 2023 IQAir World Air Quality Report. Radio Maximum tells where our capital is.

Ukraine's capital rose to 22nd place in the list, compared to estimates for 2022. At that time, Kyiv was in the 26th position in terms of air quality. This was announced by Volodymyr Prokopiv, Deputy Chairman of the KMDA for the exercise of self-governing powers.

According to the politician, the result of the air quality was affected by the martial law. After all, many enterprises that emit emissions into the atmosphere have stopped working, the number of motor vehicles on the streets has decreased.

At the same time, the position of Kyiv was improved, because the data of the city's air monitoring system were taken into account when compiling the world rating. This affected the objectivity of the results, noted Volodymyr Prokopiv.

It is pleasant that for the second year in a row Kyiv is among the thirty cities in the world with the cleanest air according to the version of the international IQAir service, he noted.

According to the data of the 2023 IQAir World Air Quality Report, the concentration of dust fraction PM 2.5 in Kyiv according to last year decreased from 9.5 to 8.9 mg/cubic. m. This ensured the Ukrainian capital a place in the “green zone”, next to Vienna (Austria), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark) and others.

The report of the international company IQAir confirmed our analytical data obtained for the year 2023. Most recently, we reported that during the past year, the overall level of air pollution in Kyiv was low or very low almost 90% of the time. This means that the vast majority of the time, Kyivans breathed clean air, Vozniy said.

Of course, he added that, as in any metropolis, in Kyiv from time to time there are periods when we record quality deterioration air. The reasons can be very diverse: from meteorological conditions to cross-border influence, when the effects of dust storms hundreds of kilometers from Kyiv can be observed in our city.

TOP-30 world capitals with the cleanest air: Kyiv entered the rating

Air quality rating

Kyiv took 22nd place in the rating, which is in the “green zone “, between Luxembourg and Madrid. San Juan (Puerto Rico), Wellington (New Zealand) and Canberra (Australia) are among the leaders. New Delhi (India), Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Baghdad (Iraq) have the most polluted air.

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