TOP 25 best smartphones 2020 in terms of happiness

The experts identified the smartphones, which are the most satisfy their owners

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ТОП-25 самых лучших смартфонов 2020 года по уровню счастья

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How do you think which smartphone is the best level of customer satisfaction in the year 2020? Maybe it’s the most expensive smartphone from Apple today iPhone 11 Pro Max? This is probably a technological flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra? As shown, the best smartphone, which owners are satisfied to the maximum, is model Samsung Galaxy Note 9 issued in 2018.

The amazing revelation has opened a study conducted by the American customer satisfaction index (ACSI). They asked participants to rate their smartphone on the basis of several factors, including battery life, design, functions, sound quality and video, software and more.

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Surprisingly, the list was headed by two year old Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Of course, he remains one of the best phones, however, since its release in 2018, a host of new devices, including its successor, the Note 10, Galaxy S10 and competitor in the face of iPhone 11. It’s his “Golden mean”.

ТОП-25 самых лучших смартфонов 2020 года по уровню счастья

TOP 25 smartphones by level of satisfaction with the owners

Note 9 topped the list, gaining 85 points and was recognized as best-in-class technical characteristics and quality photos. Second place went to the Galaxy S9+ S10 and the Galaxy, which scored 84 points. The highest rate from Apple is the iPhone model XS Max, which also received a rating of 84, while its flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max was a bit lower with 82 points.

Customer feedback showed that the old model of Samsung and Apple win new items, when it comes to customer satisfaction. According to experts, the rating also reflects the price that the new models are very high.

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