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Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #471

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul8,2024

After a hectic weekend of legislative elections, it's time for a well-deserved top 15 of the funniest tweets of the week. Logically, after the 470th edition comes the 471st selection. Our community managers took advantage of last week to collect the best tweets of the past week. Little politics on the menu, and only gold bars. A break of freshness to start the week off right with, on the program: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Wall-E and a mysterious pistachio thief. Don't hesitate to Share your favorite tweet with us via the comment section a little further down.

Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #471

< h2>#1 harsh reality

He dresses like Laurent Baffie when he's going to do pranks

July 1, 2024

#2 eh dads

ptdrrrrrrr we arrive at; severe;

July 1, 2024

#3 emoji alert

Pierre Niney's keyboard

July 1, 2024< /blockquote>

#4 nostalgia

It's there where Tony from My Family First goes shopping

July 2, 2024

#5 “inflation”

5.30€ the pistachio packet but who is the real thief in the end

July 1, 2024

#6 “déré market value” ?

Wall-e he had left Aubervilliers to go running into the arms of a high society baby. à the time was romantic today çit will be called a “bdg” or a “market disruptor” ptdrrr

July 2, 2024

#7 poor roman

I don't recommend it, I took it there. my friend Romain, they took it upon themselves; 4 to beat him up in the toilet. When I complained to When I went to security, I was told that I should have been informed. know how to know what to expect given the name of the park….

July 3, 2024

#8 remains to be seen know where is his one piece

For me Speed ​​is the Luffy of the real world. el, everywhere where he will he makes people happy it's crazy

July 3, 2024

#9 sofa from oompa loompa?

You see a mini sofa; I see a 9mm

July 3, 2024

#10 crit'hair

no criteria

July 4, 2024

#11 to when a new mario and sonic at the olympic games…

me tfacon I don't understand well the point of organizing the olympic games if mario and sonic are not invited

July 6, 2024

#12 ;French team crowned without scoring?

@equipedefrance who is teaming up with @Decathlon for this #EURO2024

July 6, 2024


It's when you play a game and you don't know the keys ça

July 6, 2024

#14 the mass is said

France in the semi-finals of a Euro without having scored a goal in the game is like a guy without a degree or professional experience ending up at Matignon

July 5, 2024

#15 let's think

I came across this on the internet.
Çmade me think.

July 6, 2024

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