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Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #470

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

It's Monday. And as France discovers the final results of the first round of early legislative elections, the time has come. the humorous escapade. Let's turn once again to our favorite tweeters to decompress, time for a light digression. A few minutes to smile or laugh (at throat extended obviously), enough to forget the absence of Sun or the temperatures at night. the decline. On the menu: Simpsons, juicy anecdotes but also a little football. Anyway, edition 470 of the top 15 funniest tweets of the week is up to you. discover just below.

Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #470

< h2>#1 successor to the DS

my brother is a complete loser (he is 11 years old)

June 24, 2024

#2 impossible

ok simpsons could you have predicted this i don't think so

June 23, 2024

#3 is it coming soon?

Maybe this life is worth living after all

June 24, 2024

#4 will it open?


June 24, 2024

#5 sacred volatile ça

Ptdrrr c so bad quality; that I thought it was an ostrich at first

June 24, 2024

#6 duality ;

the fact that my grandmother was more accepting of her my coming out as a lesbian that my coming out as a vegetarian really makes me laugh so much

June 24, 2024

#7 masked me

Barcola: “Pass, I'm out!”

Mbappé :

June 25, 2024

#8 rip

INFO ALERT – Famous for his role in #Dora the Explorer, Swiper the Fox died in a robbery. armed hand which went wrong.

June 25, 2024

#9 sacred reverse

big madness this morning I arrive at the police station the guy says to me “is it to make a power of attorney?” and I answer “no it's to play stupid tennis” anyway there; ago 6-2/4-3 he has a sacred backhand 2 hands the bastard

June 25, 2024

#10 when he walks

Lewandowski who stopped 16 times before taking a penalty even on the RER B he never stopped so much before taking a penalty. it’s so crazy lolrrrrrr

June 25, 2024

#11 ginette the rescue

His haircut looks like Grv the characters from Animal Crossing when you restart the game for the first time in 1 year

June 26, 2024

#12 genius


The madness that I love
He understood everything pic.twitter. com/REcoXeDSsB

June 26, 2024

#13 hired on the spot

job interview they told me « do you have a good command of Excel or not? I said « I excel » to make a joke I think it's dead as a result

June 27, 2024

#14 or worse… villeperdue

I got 49€ holiday bonuses. Maybe I have to go spend my vacation in Melun, I don't know

June 27, 2024

#15 interested?

< blockquote class="lazyload" data-twitter="twitter-tweet">

my mother sent me çthis morning I'm just going to SCREAM??????

June 29, 2024

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