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Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #468

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

Mondays are top tweets. And not just any top tweets either, since the start of the week is synonymous with a new edition of the top 15 funniest tweets of the week. The principle is simple: throughout the last week, our community managers have put aside the best publications of X before presenting them to you for a selection. This week, little politics, and above all funny, embarrassing situations, sometimes both. A 468th edition of the top 15 funniest tweets of the week find just below.

Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #468

< h2>#1 what an idea too

FLASH – A teenager caused a fire in his building while trying to install iOS 18 on his iPhone 6.

June 11, 2024

#2 indeed

My life is a scourge

June 10 , 2024

#3 kindness at the top

I've already been told done ça àgrav; Fnac but it was a little one who took his first AirPods with what he had saved and threw him into max benevolence mode

June 11, 2024

#4 mental preparation

On Fortnite when I wasn't moving in the lobby to act like a pro:

June 11, 2024

< /p>

#5 they are goats

the animalist party which expresses their dissatisfaction at being invited à no alliance

June 12, 2024

#6 early end

He will transform into the Green Goblin.

June 12, 2024

#7 barricaded, coming soon to the cinema

It is indeed Jason Statham who will play Eric Ciotti in « “Barricaded”, the story of a deputy far right barricaded in the headquarters of his political party escaping a pack of political activists seeking to dislodge it, carried out by Cyril Feraud

June 12, 2024

#8 not cool

Ptdrrrr but it’s Firefox

June 12, 2024

#9 the apocalypse is approaching

When çyou see snaps of guys stealing flying taxis çit's going to be a legendary arc lolrrrrrr I can't wait

June 12, 2024

#10 team premier degree< /h2>

CE1 there rather

June 13, 2024

#11 moment of history

I find this photo quite perfect.

June 14, 2024

#12 opening of the legend

I am proud to present to you the (official?) opening of the #FRONTPOPULAIRE produced in 2015. by me, hoping that you will like it!

June 14, 2024

#13 the world before

The price of kebabs at the old one:

June 15, 2024

#14 the terms are clear

not my straightener which insults me

June 15, 2024

#15 sad reality

Meanwhile the Olympic flame must be wandering somewhere in France and everyone has nothing to do with it anymore. cum #Legislative

June 15, 2024

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