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Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #466

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

Olympic Games, Kings League, absence of Sun, Parcoursup, there are many topics around this 466 edition of the top 15 funniest tweets of the week. But obviously, our Twitter's favorite tweeters didn't skimp on their content. on anecdotes, with particularly juicy gossip.You still have to see it to believe it. In any case, this weekly meeting can be found at any time. just below, with 15 tweets carefully selected by our community managers. Don't hesitate to Take advantage of the comments section to share your favorite with us.

Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #466

#1 cute these little UFO

I smile each time because it looks like little UFOs removing our monuments. pic.twitter.com/TaIbFmcjFv

May 29, 2024

#2 always read the ads

Continued; my incapacity à read a vinted ad correctly, I am the proud owner of a Garfield poster measuring 2m high pic.twitter.com/6KPJRFAWFg

May 29, 2024

#3 oops

LELIEJEHEHZJEJ Wallah I was on the bus my pants fell on my shoes like in the cartoons I was in my pants in front of tlm wallah I was going to kill myself çthat will teach me to do the drip

May 31, 2024

#4 concept

< p dir="ltr" lang="fr">Idea for a date we are going to through your insta subscriptions and you explain to me where you came from. you know every girl you follow

June 1, 2024

#5 crime doesn't sleep

I’émerge into 11 a.m. while my boyfriend has been bored since 7 a.m. I tell him that the weekend is meant to be enjoyed and he replies “ ah pcq mtn we enjoy while sleeping?? do you think Batman and Robyn are sleeping in???? » excuse us, brave citizen of Gotham

June 1, 2024

#6 har-rip

Harry Potter version France 2024 pic.twitter.com/PZZ99zwsja

June 1, 2024

#7 missing and never found

ABDUCTION ALERT pic.twitter.com/0ovgvnUYjM

June 1, 2024

#8 poor squeezie

INFO ALERT | Chloë Gervais left Squeezie after he became the second YouTuber in France behind Tibo InShape. pic.twitter.com/OhOWet42ID

June 1, 2024

#9 maybe

maybe it's Dracula who tweets we don't know https://t.co/EIuH6J5yRN

June 1, 2024

#10 ugly but effective

My battle now is asking for it. age of colleagues that I don't like and tell them « ah damn I really gave you more serious »

June 1, 2024

#11 watery speech

I'm so stupid, I thought the cat was going to make a speech https://t.co/S69hdyfVcU

June 1, 2024

#12 idea to keep

#he organized an escape game where you had to steal a diamond, and it's not when you manage to open the safe that I find my engagement ring ???? pic.twitter.com/QC8rIE3pvo

June 2, 2024

#13 risk taking

On the other hand, Amine should quickly get his live back because if he leaves it behind, Nasri 2 more minutes, he loses his channel for 3 weeks lol

June 2, 2024

#14 back to the sender

I donated blood but I got an accident on the way out and we had to transfuse myself with blood pic.twitter.com/S4eFOkHII0

June 2, 2024

#15 validated act

Apparently « there's no Spring this year pfff!!!».

Logical deduction: it's still winter.

So I took note. #racletteenjuin pic.twitter.com/qgRMQCjkAt

June 2, 2024

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