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TOP-10 countries for deliveries of passenger cars to Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

TOP-10 countries for deliveries of cars to Ukraine


According to the State Statistics Service, 118,100 passenger cars (used and new) were imported into Ukraine in the four months since the beginning of the year.

The total customs value of these auto amounted to over $1 billion 544 million. This is reported by Ukravtoprom.

The largest supplier of cars was Germany, from where more than 23,600 cars were imported to Ukraine. The USA and China are also among the top three exporting countries.

TOP-10 countries of car suppliers:

  • Germany – 23608 units;
  • USA – 19289 units;
  • China – 12044 units;
  • Japan – 12009 units;
  • Korea – 6170 units;
  • France – 5900 units;
  • Slovakia – 5878 units;
  • Mexico – 5240 units;
  • Great Britain – 5149 units;
  • < strong data-entity-type="MessageEntityBold">Czech Republic – 5071 units

TOP-10 countries for the supply of cars to Ukraine


Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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