TOP 10 cars with “automatic” that drivers love

TOP 10 cars with “automatic” that drivers love

Motorists are increasingly choosing cars with automatic transmission. In this article, we refer both robotic and CVT boxes to “automatic machines” – in general, everything that is not “mechanics”. What are the most popular cars with automatic transmission?

TOP 10 automatic cars that drivers love

1. KIA Rio

The 2022 Kia Rio sedan received an updated body and a spacious luggage compartment equipped with an automatic opening system. You can get additional space in the cabin due to the possibility of folding the rear seats.

2. Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris is a car for different drivers. It is preferred by families with children for trips to the country, and city dwellers who value dynamics and drive, and business people for whom innovation and comfort are important.

3. Hyundai Creta

The 2021 Hyundai Creta is a stylish urban SUV that combines excellent performance with innovative high-tech equipment and a high level of safety.

4. Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV-4 is a car that breaks stereotypes. It features a brutal design, bold and functional interior. At one time, the model made a splash in the automotive market, and its victorious march continues to this day.

5. Volkswagen Polo

Each complete set of Volkswagen Polo differs in seating options. Decorative inserts on the doors, front panel and center console have a unique design.

6. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is a model of the famous Japanese auto concern Toyota. Production facilities are located both in Japan itself and in the USA, Australia, Thailand, China and Russia. But in whatever country this sedan is produced, it is always the standard of reliability, comfort and safety.

7. KIA Seltos

Kia Seltos is built on the same platform as the Hyundai Creta. However, outwardly these machines differ significantly from each other. The main difference is in size: the Kia Seltos looks much more solid from the side.

8. Haval Jolion

Haval Jolion is a new stylish urban SUV made in China. It is equipped with LED optics and an autonomous automatic parking system. This car is always in the spotlight, causing genuine interest of motorists. Even Haval Jolion's ads are built around vibrant colors and surreal effects.

9. Skoda Rapid

Among Czech brands, Skoda Rapid is considered the best-selling car on the car market. However, new generation models cannot compete with other foreign cars.

10. Mazda CX-5

Adherents of this compact crossover appreciate its elegance, power and originality.