Tonya Matvienko with donations turned to Ukraine

Tonya Matvienko with donations turned to Ukraine

Tonya Matvienko with her donuts turned to Ukraine

Ukrainian spivachka Tonya Matvienko came to Ukraine together with her children.

Thus, on the side of Instagram Tonya Matvienko shared pictures of her way home.

Judging from the photo and video, Matvienko posted it in stories, she went from Europe to Ukraine with a car. Why did the artist turn around more than three times – with the eldest donka Ulyana and the young Nina.

As can be seen from the reaction of relatives of Matvienko, the stench did not guess that she was coming. So, on the back of the head, Tonya went to chat with the man, the partner Arsen Mirzoyan. Last evening, a new boy had a favorable concert in one of the Kiev pubs, where Matvienko came. I’ll make friends with an important stream of tears, the stench has been caught and kissed for a long time.

Dal Tony went to her father's house. And there she ruled her legendary mother Nina Matvienko surprise. Vaughn quietly walked to the threshold of the booth, and if the woman called Nina Mitrofanivna and the star beat her friends, then she did not show emotions, she screamed and cried, and hugged her loved ones for a long time.

As the fans knew, the moment of recording Tony with her mother was already roaring: “ Otse is so sustrich, it’s already outrageous, to tears”, “it’s already outrageous! You are so good. Healthy & #8217; I am your homeland & # 8221;, & # 8220; Brought to tears & # 8221;, & # 8220; Surprised three times. I roar and see joy for you, and see the pain, that people are so tested at once & # 8230; You name it!”.

As we wrote earlier, Tonya Matvienko, together with the young daughter Nina, stayed with the Great Britain before coming to Ukraine, when the 6th Nina went to school.