Tonya Matvienko frankly about parting with Mirzoyan

Tonya Matvienko frankly about parting with Mirzoyan

Tonya Matvienko frankly about breaking up with Mirzoyan

Popular Ukrainian singer Tonya Matviyenko spoke about how she is going through a forced separation from her husband Arsen Mirzoyan, who is now actively volunteering. In March, he announced that he was ready to defend Ukraine with weapons in his hands, but did not say whether he joined the Troop or the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The performer admitted that until recently she did not believe that a war would begin. However, on February 24, she and her husband hurriedly left for Yaremche. The road was difficult.

“First we had to stop at Kievskaya region, and then 25 hours on the way to Yaremche. I don't think we even talked to Arsene. Already in Yaremche, I saw that he always corresponded with someone, called up someone. Then I didn't touch it. On the third day, he simply approached and said: “I am returning to Kyiv. Take care of Nina. It was hard to let him go, but I understood that my husband was a great patriot and his decision was right, ”Matvienko said in an interview with TSN.

Now Tonya Matvienko is in the UK, and before that for some time lived in Portugal and Germany.

Matvienko noted that she and her husband have some agreement.

“We understood that we would not have much time to talk. Therefore, we agreed that every morning there would be a text message from him “Beloved, alive, healthy.” When we went abroad, we switched to video calls with Arsen. So we cheer each other up, ”the celebrity shared.