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gB Kx Toni Freixa: "I do not conceive of 'cruyffismo' and 'nunismo' as two trenches" - The Times Hub

Toni Freixa: “I do not conceive of 'cruyffismo' and 'nunismo' as two trenches”

Toni Freixa: "I do not conceive of 'cruyffismo' and 'nunismo' as two trenches"

Toni Freixa (Barcelona, 1968) has gone from being the candidate who received fewer votes than you sign in 2015 to aspiring to victory in 2021. Advisor to the board of directors of Joan Laporta, spokesperson for the board of Sandro Rosell and partner and later rival of Bartomeu , would surely win the Barça Trivial. Perhaps because it is known that he dominates the Barça universe, he defines himself as a cruyffista-nuñista despite being the one who, at the question of a journalist, replied that the statutes did not contemplate the position of honorary president with which Johan Cruyff had been distinguished by the council of Laporta.

Question. How did you experience the comeback against Sevilla from the box? Like a fan, a candidate or a president?

Answer . Always as an amateur. I cannot stop being what I have always been

Q. How do you explain that your candidacy has grown after several selection processes until becoming first the third way candidate and then the candidate for victory against Laporta and Víctor Font?

R. I always trusted that we were going to be in this situation because I know Barcelona fans and also the sociology of the Barça vote. There was competition during the journey to occupy the space that we now have and it is also true that the speakers that dominate the stage spoke of two adversaries until time has located each one. Today there is the feeling that one of them is losing options and that Barça fans will have to decide between the traditional option <CF1001> laportista </CF> and mine .

Q. Continuum, official? Perhaps because of his career with Laporta, Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, his candidacy has been qualified with different adjectives. How do you define it?

R. From experience. I know the management of the club because I have lived it for 18 years with different presidents and in different functions. But when I have not been at the club, I have continued to experience Barcelona as a fan and as a partner .

Q. Do you aspire to join Barcelona? He speaks well of Núñez, of Rosell, he was against the vote of no confidence towards Bartomeu and perhaps he has been less generous with Laporta.

R. I am very aware of all the good that President Laporta did. I am referring, above all, to the modernization of the club and also to its final stage, the best in history, surely with Guardiola as coach. What I also dare to say, unlike others, are the bad things of his mandate. And with respect to the others, we have to keep their good part, and that is what I try to do especially with Núñez and with Johan [Cruyff]. They have been two referents, each one in their field.

P. You must be the first aspiring president who wants to merge Nuñismo and Cruyffismo .

A. Yes. Unlike what usually happens in the environment, I do not consider these two tendencies like two trenches. Controversy helps generate audiences; conflicts sell better. And, on the other hand, that has always been my feeling. When President Núñez decided that Johan would be Barça's coach, and that player who I had lived as a child returned to the club, I was very excited. This was confirmed by Johan as a coach. At that time it was known that there was a president who was in charge of managing the club well and a coach who was the best that Barça could have. But when Johan was laid off I was very angry. So maybe he was more cruyffista than nuñista . Over time I understood Núñez. But that does not mean that it has taken sides.

Q. What you don't like is what you call the Cruyffist lobby ?

A. Yes, I don't like it at all. I don't like people who appropriate the name of Cruyff and go even further than Johan's son. Every time he speaks, Jordi Cruyff has a very positive and constructive feeling for the club. The l obby cruyffista what he wants is to feed that trench against nuñismo.

Q. Is the knowledge you have of the club what gives the member confidence?

R. I think so. Barça has always been part of my life. I have had fellow members of the board or former presidents who have left the military in Barcelona. That hasn't happened to me.

Q. Can you win?

A. Yes, of course I think I can win. We detected a growing support

Q. Will Barçagate influence ?

R. No. But it has been intended that it did.

Q. How?

R. With circumstances like those of the <CF1001> reality show </ CF> what the Mossos d'Esquadra did in the Barça offices, by the press and by how Bartomeu was arrested, who had to spend the night at the police station. But I'm sure the partner noticed.

Q. You assure that you are independent of the political, economic and media powers. If you are president, will the relationship with the media change?

A. I have always had a good relationship with the press and I hope to continue to do so. But in these elections I detect in certain environments that there is a certain interest for the elections to be won by a candidate with a profile that is not mine. I do not have any explicit support. I have not been meeting with any media group or with any political power. I am a candidate who appears in the media with a different treatment from the other two.

Q. Offer the position of coach of the subsidiary to Xavi, chosen as general manager by Font, how is it interpreted?

R. I was a player recently . The logical trajectory of any ex-footballer who wants to dedicate himself to being a coach is to start on the bench of a subsidiary if it is a large team, as Guardiola and Luis Enrique did. And maybe, after 20 years, be a manager. What I don't understand is that it starts at the top of everything. I have spoken with Xavi and I know that he just wants to be on the pitch.

P. He is the only candidate who talks about signing a central defender and two differential players without knowing if they could be Haaland and / or Mbappé .

R. Barça must be able to incorporate differential players and not make systematic signings and in different positions because for that we already have the quarry. Once all the economic issues have been resolved, for which we have already presented solutions, you can go to the market .

Q. And Messi?

R. I am excited that he will continue. It is in a position to continue performing. It is not fair that he leaves Barça after a season without an audience. The link he has with the club cannot end in a traumatic way after what happened with the burofax. I want to know what expectations you have

Q. How do you convince Messi and sign if there are only debts?

R. There is talk of reducing the wage bill and restructuring the debt, but they are aspects that to solve them you have to be in the club. We do care about generating income with the entry of an investment group that acquires 49% of Barça Corporate for 250 million and also with the sponsorship contract for 60 million that will have the particularity that when the game is played at the Camp Nou the shirt will be clean to be faithful to our identity.

Q. Your candidacy speaks of [ Fidels' loyalty to Barça] and you also warned that to be a member you have to have a culé feeling. Not sectarian?

R. Being a partner has a lot of value; You cannot be a member of Barça like a member of a gym. In 2010 we found that anyone could be by filling out a form and giving an account number. In the Champions of Rome up to 90,000 people asked us for tickets, some to resell them. What is wanted is to regulate access to give it value and have the social mass ordered; otherwise, the allocation of fertilizers would also be in danger.

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