Tomorrow belongs to us: Lisa at its worst? This decision that can change everything

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Tomorrow belongs to us: Lisa at worst? This decision that can change everything

Lisa Hassan (Naïma Rodric), one of the main characters of Tomorrow belongs to us, is at its worst in the last episodes of the series. What is the reason for this discomfort?

The series Tomorrow belongs to us brings together millions of fans every night. During the week of March 20 to 26, fans of the TF1 soap opera were able to follow the investigation led by Lisa Hassan (played by Naïma Rodric). As a reminder, the young policewoman is on the trail of the mysterious serial killer, formerly known as “the Argenteuil monster”. It’s this psychopath who killed her parents, as well as those of Benoît (Jean-Baptiste Maunier), the SVT teacher whom she had already met in the past.

During the episode aired on Wednesday March 22, 2023, fans were able to discover that the suspicions of the police captain were directed towards doctor Aaron Leclerc. After going to his house with Sara, in order to interrogate him, she decided to meet him at the hospital. She met Victoire there. The latter refuses to believe that the doctor is guilty. After these attempts, Lisa decides to go see the Delcourts. She ignores that the couple were taken hostage by the killer.

Lisa at her worst: she makes a radical decision

In the episode broadcast on Thursday March 23, Lisa arrives at the Delcourts' and saves their lives in extremis. The killer fled by taking a zodiac. Commander Constant and Sara (Camille Genau) decide to arrest Aaron Leclerc (Stany Coppet). He is considered one of the main suspects. This makes him very angry. “I was adopted so I must be crazy right? s’he wrote shortly after his arrest. DNA analysis, as well as other elements however, make it possible to exonerate him.

In parallel to all this, we quickly realize that this whole affair s’ increasingly difficult for Lisa. Touched on a personal level, she is strongly involved in the resolution of this investigation, which is very testing for her. She finds herself in tears at the police station. So she makes a drastic decision. She wishes to be removed from the investigation, and makes the request to Commander Constant. The latter agrees to withdraw the case from him. Lisa then leaves the police station. She then tries to relax by going on a movie outing with Amel. Will she regret her choice and reconsider her decision in the next episodes of the series?