Tomorrow belongs to us: Flora “at war” against Chloé, Anne Caillon defends her character

Tomorrow belongs to us: Flora “at war” against Chloé, Anne Caillon defends her character

Tomorrow belongs to us: Flora

Tomorrow belongs to us: Flore “at war” against Chloé, Anne Caillon defends her character Since the beginning of her affair with Alex in Tomorrow belongs to us, Flore has drawn the wrath of Chloe, but also of the public. However, Anne Caillon – his interpreter, insisted on reminding him: his character is not a bad person.

This is the shocking intrigue of the return to Tomorrow belongs to us: the Alex / Chloe couple has entered a zone of turbulence. The reason ? No connection with the arrival of their new child, the character of Alexandre Brasseur simply had the bad idea to embark on an affair with Flore, who is none other than the best friend of his companion.

An open war between Flore and Chloé

A love triangle that nobody had seen coming and which should fuel some crises in the coming weeks on TF1. At Télé-Loisirs, the actress Anne Caillon – the interpreter of Flore, first came back to Chloé's slap on her heroine, ” This scene was one of the longest and most difficult to It is not easy to play the anger, especially for Ingrid Chauvin who does not have a temper at all to get carried away .

Then, the actress added in a mysterious way, ” We will remember this sequence. And this is only the beginning, between Flore and Chloe, it will be open war! ” According to her, the writers still have a few surprises in store for us. , ” Besides, it's interesting because we're going to discover a darker side of Chloe, who wants to take back control .”

“Flore is not a bad guy”

This revelation is also far from anecdotal. The evolution of Chloe could thus allow Flore to recover a little support from the public, an important thing for Anne Caillon. She confided to the magazine's microphone, ” What touches me about Flore is that she herself is uncompromising and doesn't care about conventions. It puts her in great trouble, it's the case to say it, but she's sincere when she says she doesn't want to hurt others and she really suffers from it. I hope to convey that feeling through my character. She doesn't always make the right choices. , but she's not a bad guy.

On the contrary, the rest of the story could even make Flore look like the kind in this relationship. Certainly, betrayal makes the message difficult to get across, but the actress has a few arguments in her pocket, ” Flore unwittingly fell in love with Alex because she is touched by her distress. A suffering and a loneliness that she shares with him. She understands it at a time when Chloe may not have appreciated the deep depression and alcoholism that Alex has fallen into . “

More beautiful life does not have a monopoly on complicated love stories …

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