Tomorrow ask to be respectful if the lilacs sound

Tomorrow ask to be respectful if the lilacs sound

Tomorrow, ask to be respectful if the lilacs sound

22 worms could be provocations from the side of the Russians rocket attacks.

As a reminder at Telegram, the Center for Preventing Disinformation at the National National Security and Defense Council, tsepov's commemorating the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of War.

In Ukraine, 22 chervny marks the Day of Sorrow and commemoration of the victims of the German-Radyansk war, as the life of the skinned Ukrainian took away. On the same day, in different regions of Ukraine, dozens of visits are traditionally held with the method of nationwide memorializing the sons and daughters of the Ukrainian people, who perished on the hour of Another holy war.

from the side of the Russian troops from possible rocket attacks.

Citizens are called to the Central Anti-Corruption Center to calm down in the face of a chat at the places of mass crowding of the population. In times of deafening repeated alarms, it is not easy to go to the nearest bomb-shelter or hide, and in the case of the occupants – to follow the rules of two walls and two exits.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich