Tolima's coach gave statements before the final against Nacional.

Hernán Torres, the coach of Deportes Tolima, is getting ready for what will be the great final of the League, in the this Wednesday's first leg in Medellin.

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Lucumí: “It was difficult, in concentration He found out that his grandmother passed away, he hit him a lot, he's in Cali for the funeral, the decision is his, let's see if he can make it. We'll find out at noon”

Rivalry:< /b>“It's another story, they both want to win, it's a final, a new game, a new story, we both want it in our favour”.

“Nacional has done things well, an important rebound with Professor Herrera, as I said in an interview (to EL TIEMPO), everything worries me, as a national, we know about his capacity and that of his coach, no it's going to be easy.”

“Nacional has gained balance in defense and attack. By history it is to be offensive, but it has applied order without the ball, it is more balanced. Playing with Nacional is not easy.”

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Strong Tolima: “Success is teamwork, we have a committed human group, we are achieving the objectives through the efforts of all. There is commitment, desire to overcome adversity. The manager is God “.

Local fans:“It's a sports festival, this stadium is used to these experiences, the fans are going to fill out and support, like our people in Ibagué. It's a beautiful setting. Everyone is fighting to win. We're going to give our best.”

Rovira: “Excellent concept, professional, adapted to the idea of ​​the game. It gives us balance, aggressiveness, football.”

The best squad?: “I have managed very good ones, I cannot underestimate Millonarios, Medellín, América… This is a very good group, excellent. There is commitment. < br>
DT National Team: “Colombian technicians are the ones who work best tactics in South America… Look Suárez… The National Team is not my subject, I hope it goes very well.” < br>
The final: “Nacional has grown a lot. More solid, short, with order”.

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