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Tokyo Revengers season 4: the first teaser for the sequel to the anime revealed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

It's official, season 4 of the anime Tokyo Revengers is in the pipeline. Production has even started, and a first visual as well as a first teaser have been released. revealed. Enough to fill us with water; mouth!

Tokyo Revengers season 4: the first teaser for the sequel the anime revealed

tokyo revengers is back

You were waiting for her, she was there. announced: the sequel to the animeTokyo Revengers will indeed see the light of day through a season 4, currently in production. No release date is known at the moment, but fans of the adaptation will soon be able to do so. The screen of Ken Wakui's manga has appetizers to choose from. get your teeth into it. The Liden Films studio has indeed revealed a first visual,in which we can see Takemichi hugging Mikey, while both seem to be in very bad shape.

Tokyo Revengers season 4: the first teaser for the anime sequel revealed

On social networks, this image seemed to annoy some Internet userslamenting that “even in the visual he cries, seriously”. In fact, many early fans and especially of the manga warn against “animes only”, which only shonen through its adaptation to the screen. However, the first teaser is rather enticing!

a first teaser for season 4 of the anime

Not content with revealing that season 4 was in production and offering fans a first visual for season 4 ofTokyo Revengers, Liden Films has also posted a first teaser online, at find out below. If this hasn't been done yet confirmed, it is very likely that this new season adapts the 6th and 7th arcs of the original manga, published in between 2017 and 2022.

While waiting to learn more about season 4 ofTokyo Revengers, you can see or rewatch the seasons 2 and 3 exclusively on Disney+. For the first time, you will have to turn to Crunchyroll. Despite According to some reviews, fans are overexcited and can't wait to reunite with Takemichi after he got rid of the villain. of Kisaki and that he returned in the future. And you?

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