Today, the largest military parade since 1991 took place in Poland

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Today, the largest military parade since 1991 took place in Poland

On August 15, Warsaw hosted the largest Cold War parade of armed forces. It is dedicated to the Day of the Polish Army.

At the parade for the Day of the Polish Army, held on the 103rd anniversary of Poland's victory over Bolshevik Russia in the Battle of Warsaw, a column of 2,000 soldiers of the Polish Army and NATO countries passed through Warsaw.


They were accompanied by 200 units of military equipment and 92 airplanes and helicopters.

President of Poland Andrzej Duda arrived in a military convoy on a jeep, who emphasized that the last eight years that the ruling party has been in power &quot “Law and justice” became “the time of reconstruction of the Polish army”.

Among other things, Polish developments were shown at the parade – Borsuk infantry fighting vehicles and Krab self-propelled artillery installations – and American M1A1 Abrams tanks, HIMARS missile launchers and Patriot air defense systems and South Korean K2 tanks and K9 self-propelled howitzers.

Helicopters, in particular the American Black Hawk, and F-16 and FA- 50.

The full-scale invasion of the Rashists in Ukraine made strengthening the armed forces a priority for the Polish authorities. She promised to double the size of the army to 300,000 servicemen and to spend about 4% of this year's GDP on defense.