To the Russians to teach a cunning way to buy Renault through Belarus

To the Russians to teach a cunning way to buy Renault through Belarus

The French automaker actually threw everything that a new one had in the Russian Federation – from Russian dealers to the factory and assets. Ale, like and deyakі іnshі єnshі evropejskiі brandy, znayshovsya sposіb, yak not pratsyuvati on rosії in spite of sanctions, utіm zaroblyat on tsommu market boday yakus “kopіyku”.

It is once significant that in this case, the language is about Russian and Belarusian representations, and not about the position of Reno in a flash. Before the speech, through the exit from the Russian market, the French automobile group of Renault companies has recognized a profit of 2.3 billion euros. Accept, so write to PIA “News” with the help of the company's publicity.

< p> For this reason, I’m going to talk about a new scheme, in the future, Belarus. The Russians have the opportunity to get a new Renault crossover from an official dealer, it’s true, for whom you can get to the land of Belarus. Thus, the company Avtopromservis, the official importer of Renault in the Republic of Belarus, encourages Russians to buy new cars through them. Moreover, here it is possible to name models, there are none of them and there was no such thing in the Russian Federation. Among them, for example, Renault Koleos of the Korean collection in the updated version of the 2022 model year!

The cost of such a Renault Koleos at the Belarusian dealers warehouse is 3,590,000 “rubles”. Krim Koleos Russia can bring other Renault models:

  • Duster
  • Kaptur
  • Arkana
  • Logan Stepway

Nothing special, just business.